Routed & Scheduled Deliveries

Dial-A-Messenger has been providing unparalleled route services for customers all over Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our industry experts understand how essential it is to expedite each and every delivery.
You can rest assure that many factors are considered for the continuous success that your packages are delivered swiftly and efficiently. With our integrated software and real-time traffic alert system we will provide reliable and precision routes for all your shipping destinations. We offer customized shipping solutions for all your companies shipping needs. Our priority is to provide you with the fastest, most reliable route solution at a very competitive price.



Dial-A-Messenger provides pre-scheduled deliveries for those clients that require the same delivery to be executed either daily, weekly or monthly. These scheduled deliveries can include mail pickup and delivery, bank deposits, payroll, interoffice correspondence or any distribution of products on a regular basis. Please call our office for special pricing.


Lease A Driver

While your own employee drivers may represent the ultimate in command, control and convenience; there are many instances when having access to an alternative source of drivers is needed.
Sometimes your drivers may have unexpected illnesses or require an unscheduled leave. You might experience a surge in business that outstrips your delivery capacity, or vehicle expenses may be spiraling out of control.
In these and other cases, it makes sense to have a ready supply of short or long term replacement drivers. You can rest assured that leasing a driver from World Courier Ground is just as good as having one of your own:
Drivers have been professionally train, Drivers must pass a detailed background check
Drivers are insured and fully uniformed
Drivers will wear client uniforms if desired to maintain branding.
Drivers are dedicated to client needs and will not make any other deliveries while on client assignment.
Drivers are under control and command of client.
Communication and coordination via 2 way Nextel


GPS Tracking

No need to worry about sick calls or vacations.
Reduced vehicle and payroll costs.
So the next time that you find yourself shorthanded, or are simply looking to control expenses, a call to your local World Courier Ground office will quickly solve the problem



Let our large fleet of delivery vehicles assist you in the distribution of your product. Dial-A-Messenger can inventory, sort and route your goods so that they get delivered on time, every time. Whether we are delivering from your facility or from our warehouse, Capitol Courier has the personnel and the experience to handle your distribution needs.



Dial-A-Messenger offers a wide range of warehousing services. We provide storage, cross dock, product distribution, pick and pack services along with inventory management. This gives our customers the convenience of a full service warehouse at a fraction of the cost of operating their own facility.
****Delivery times are estimates within your County.
Times may vary depending on traffic, weather conditions and other unforeseen events****
Need A Courier Company Who Can Deliver On-Demand in Phoenix?
Call Dial-A-Messenger (602) 952-2360 to speak to someone who can help you today.
Dial-A-Messenger operates comprehensive overnight Arizona delivery services via a network of over 120 delivery drivers.
Dial-A-Messenger also offers timed delivery options to all Phoenix areas
Dial-A-Messenger Courier Services
Dial-A-Messenger recognizes the fact that our performance directly reflects upon you and your business. We strive to maintain a high quality standard on behalf of all our customers. We understand how critical it is to expedite your packages and adhere to a standard far beyond our competitors. Whether it’s urgent paper work, critical parts to keep your business going, or medical supplies, West Pacific Couriers is ready to serve you. We are constantly looking for innovative ways with the power of technology to improve and provide you with value added service.
New Customer Rush Shipment
With Dial-A-Messenger it has never been easier. Call us now for a free quote and we can use your credit card to complete your order within minutes. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of signing up right away and we can have your shipment moving in no time.


VIP Direct Service – On Demand Shipments

For all your Very Important Packages. Immediate pickup and delivery. Pickup within approximately 30-60 minutes then directly to destination. Available 24 hours 365 days. Dial-A-Messenger Couriers has built our company around this signature top notch, first class service. Dial-A-Messnger realizes that there will be a time when your shipments will require the utmost attention and care, simply because there will be no margin for error. Dial-A-Messnger is perfect for these types of situations. You will have a peace of mind knowing you are supported by a company that specializes in moving extremely urgent shipments for some of Phoenix leading companies. As soon as a shipment is entered into our systems, it is routed to a dedicated individual who will continuously monitor the shipment from the order placement to delivery. We will provide you with status updates via phone, fax or e-mail if necessary, every step of the way, along with providing you with a proof of delivery, (P.O.D.) upon arrival at its final destination. You may also track your shipments online.


Rush Service – 4 hours pick-up and delivery

Pick up within approximately 30-60 minutes then drop off within 4 hours or less from the time order is placed. Available Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 3:00PM. Rush shipments are managed by our “Rush Team”, who promptly routes one of our dedicated drivers who is in close proximity to your pick up location. The rush service is ideally a more cost effective way of shipping.


Standard Same-Day Service

Shipments must be ordered by 10:00pm for delivery before or by 5:00PM. Our standard same day is ideal when you just need your shipment by the end of the day and you’re shipping locally. Take advantage of our low cost standard same day service.


Over-Night Express Shipments

Shipments that require immediate late night pickup and then held overnight to be delivered by opening hours to destination. When it’s too late for Fed-Ex or UPS to pick up, West Pacific Couriers will be happy to assist you in expediting your packages. We will ensure your package is there exactly when you need it to be.