We offer Next Flight out TSA service at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale and the surrounding airport in Arizona


Next-flight Out

Do you ever feel like the clock is literally working against you? Learn more about how Dial-a-Messenger Next Flight Out Services can put time back on your side.
When it comes to critical AOG shipping, fast is often not fast enough. At the same time, maintaining the integrity of your aircraft parts and keeping the chain of custody intact is just as critical as speed of delivery.
With Next Flight Out (NFO), our expedient shipping solution, you get it all. Your aircraft parts are picked up within 60 minutes of your call – any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Our long-standing partnerships with all major airlines around the world gives you access to the most optimal routes. This ensures that your shipments get on the next available flight without delay and that they also receive specialized handling as needed.
Beyond this, each shipment is managed, monitored and tracked individually and never consolidated with others, unless requested. Our operations team is in constant communication with all drivers and service partners until your urgent parts or materials reaches the intended recipient, giving you real-time status information by web, phone, fax, email or text so you have peace of mind knowing that the chain of custody is never compromised.
Specifically, Dial-a-Messenger Next Flight Out provides:
Door-to-door, Door-to-airport, Hold for pick-up and Drop ship services
24/7 expedited pick up, within 1 hour of your call from most locations around the world
Pick up from anywhere, with same day or next day delivery to most destinations worldwide
Individual tracking and detailed information for each unique shipment ID number from the point of pick up right through to final delivery to aircraft maintenance staff
Chain of custody database to ensure the integrity of your shipment at every step
Advanced monitoring systems that track the exact time in transit with automated alerts of potential delays enabling Sterling to reroute shipments as necessary
Close working relationships with all aviation/AOG companies around the world combined with specially trained drivers for fast delivery and after-hours access
When it’s necessary to move your shipment a long distance in a short amount of time, Next-flight offers a great way to reduce transit time. There are more than 28,000 domestic commercial flights each day. By linking our network of agents with these flights, we can move your shipments anywhere in the United States within one day, in most cases.
First, we locate the airports nearest both the origin and destination. Next, we identify the optimal flight departing and arriving at these airports and the drive time to and from each. With this information, we immediately dispatch the driver nearest the shipment origin. The shipment is picked up, taken to the airport and tendered on the optimized flight. Upon flight arrival, we retrieve your shipment and deliver it to its final destination.


Check Flight Availability:

You can Get Rates and Transit Times to and from any U.S. zip code. These rates and transit times are dependent upon commercial flight availability. Changing the pick-up time and/or date will impact estimates.


TSA Restrictions

This service is heavily regulated by the U.S. Government. Certain restrictions apply.
Due to current TSA restrictions, we can only accept packages (weighing 16 oz or greater intended for air transportation) from “Known Shippers”.
Shipments can be up to 70 lbs., not exceeding 90 inches total (L+W+H; no one side may exceed 48′). Exceptions may be allowed under certain circumstances.
Release forms may be required.