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Same Day Courier, Next Day Delivery, Scheduled delivery in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale and Arizona. Need To Deliver In Arizona, Anything, Anywhere In Arizona. Dial-A-Messenger is the first choice for Phoenix, Arizona deliveries. Call us today and see how ease and cheap it can be to arrange deliveries. You Picked The Right Phoenix Courier Service “Dial-A-Messenger ensure that our customers receive their packages on time and the fact that we are now recognized as a company that delivers on its promises owes much to the service that Dial-A-Messenger provides.
Medical Delivery Solutions, Samples and Specimens, STAT, On-Demand, Scheduled and Routed, Medical Devices, Equipment and Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Home-care, Long Term Care Facility, Labs, Hospital, Networks and Healthcare Systems, Medical Device and Supply Manufacturers
Time Sensitive Delivery Solutions for Banking and Financial Clients Hundreds of Banks and Financial Services Institutions have trusted Dial-A-Messenger with their same day and time critical delivery requirements: Deposits, Check Runs, Scheduled and On Demand Bank Bag Deliveries, Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Instruments, Lock Boxes, Time Sensitive Documentation and Filings, Materials, Equipment and Supplies, On Demand and Routed, Retail, Private, Institutional and Commercial, Services for High Wealth Management

Printing/Marketing Communications Delivery Solutions from Dial-A-Messenger, From a single can of custom blended ink; to overnight trade-show newspapers distributed to all of the major event hotels; to a truckload of brochures for your Fortune 500 customer; Dial-A-Messenger has been making time sensitive and last minute deliveries of printing supplies and marketing communications literature for more than 30 years.

We don’t just pick up and deliver, we know how important printed communications materials are to your customers. These items play a critical role in product launch campaigns, trade shows and publicity events, ensuring that prospects have something tangible to remember when they return to their home office. If these materials don’t arrive on time, or if they’re not perfect, opportunities can be lost. Of course, it’s not always easy to meet these demands as your clients often make last minute changes and still expect you to deliver the next day.

Why wait for tomorrow? If it’s a last minute change to a proof that must be viewed in hard copy, a single box of data sheets, or a pallet of brochures; get them there today with the industry expert.
Delivery Solutions for Professional Services Whether it’s deadline filings, last minute contract changes or modified building plans needed to clinch a land deal, Dial-A-Messenger has reliably completed time sensitive deliveries of paperwork, documentation and other materials for more than twenty five years.
With our Office and Courthouse Services, we make sure that parties are properly served, and that your documents, site and building plans are duly recorded. We’ll make sure that you get receipt, date stamped copies and that nominal filing and clerk fees are paid. We’ll even make copies of 400-500 page filings if needed.

Our drivers and messengers are easily recognized by their uniforms and badges, and have passed full background and criminal checks. In addition to on demand pickup and delivery for plans and filings, we also provide on demand, scheduled and routed services between your locations for interoffice mail and other needs.

When you want to make sure that your mission critical documents are not only picked up and delivered, but also properly served, received and filed; you want to make sure that Dial-A-Messenger is on the case.
Environmental Delivery Solutions from Dial-A-Messenger. Whenever you’re out working a site, the one thing that you can count on is the unexpected. You hit a chemical hot spot and don’t have the right PPE or instrument to get a handle on what species it is, and your local supplier can get it to you for several hours. There was an unexpected spill or breach and you don’t have the right containment gear. The pump in your air monitoring equipment failed, and so it goes.

If you’re an analytical lab, your clients may have STAT samples ready for pickup, but your drivers are already out; or perhaps your client needs a certificate of analysis delivered on site before work can proceed. Whatever your need, you can count on Dial-A-Messenger to make the pickup or delivery as soon as the items are available: Routine and STAT Samples, Analytical Reports, Test Equipment, Monitoring and Analytical Instrumentation, HazMat Supplies, PPE, Containment and Remediation Materials.

You can rest assured that we’ll be there within minutes of your call, and that our drivers have been properly trained in Hazmat and sample handling procedures.

Pharmaceutical Delivery Solutions from Dial-A-Messenger. We provide STAT, on demand pick up and delivery of urgently needed prescriptions and patient supplies around the clock for some of the largest pharmacies and healthcare organizations in the country. For more routine needs, we also offer scheduled and routed deliveries or therapeutics and other products for pharmacies, hospitals and hospital networks. Temperature controlled deliveries are available as needed. Remote Local Stocking of Sales Samples, In addition, Dial-A-Messenger Ground also provides remote local stocking of sales samples and commonly dispensed products for many of the world’s largest drug companies. This service helps provide timely and cost effective access to regional sales forces, hospitals and pharmacy outlets. While the development of new IP protected therapeutics is critical, just as important is the timely distribution of these new medicines to forward locations in target markets

Chemical and Industrial Delivery Solutions from Dial-A-Messenger has been reliably completing mission critical same day deliveries for some of the largest chemical and industrial manufacturers in the United States for over two decades. Whether it’s a contractor that needs another gallon of Part A to finish a job, or a large industrial customer who’s production line just went down and needs replacement parts, we have delivered everything from drums of coatings to manufacturers. With our diverse fleet of vehicles ranging from cars to cargo vans to trucks with lift gates, no delivery is too small, or too large for us to handle